A brand new month – Motivation!

Sunday 1st November – A brand new month and time to kick some ass and stop the procrastination! This picture is my way to ensure I have a reminder of the goals I have set myself for the next 2 weeks: My time line My Goal, My Motivational photo Whilst it remains visual on myContinue reading “A brand new month – Motivation!”

TVHB – chatroom!

I’d just like to extend a huge Thank you to TVHB (TV Hawkes Bay) for approaching me for an interview for their ‘Chatroom’ and to the delightful presenter Cheryl for making my visit today at TVHB so relaxing and enjoyable. If you’re able to access TVHB it be showing live this Friday 5th June andContinue reading “TVHB – chatroom!”

Time to ‘Kick Ass’

It seems like an age since I last blogged regarding Fasting, maybe because I haven’t been!  This post is less about Fasting today and more about giving myself a good kick up the backside…… I stopped fasting some time ago, as it seemed my blood pressure was dipping quite low and I was getting a few ‘starry’Continue reading “Time to ‘Kick Ass’”

FabFeb – Going ‘Dry’ and Sugar Free for Feb!

Whilst many of you will be ditching sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diets for the month of Feb (and longer I hope!)  see: fabfeb.org for more details. I have chosen to give up my beloved Wine for Feb and go ‘DRY’! The volume of sugar and simple carbs that I consume is so lowContinue reading “FabFeb – Going ‘Dry’ and Sugar Free for Feb!”

Survive the Festive Season without piling on the pounds!

Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses Don’t kid yourself, it’s only you that you’re trying to fool Distance yourself from your weakness(s)! Know what’s on offer at the party i.e. nibbles, 3 course lunch or dinner, no food at all. Be prepared! Carie’s Tips  #1. Always start your day with a good breakfast noContinue reading “Survive the Festive Season without piling on the pounds!”