Goals – Regress to Progress

  Regress to Progress and don’t give up on your goal!   (Health Warning: I am about to ramble!) So, you set yourself a goal and a deadline? Things start well? Then things don’t go to plan? You think; “you know what, this really is all too hard and why on earth did I setContinue reading “Goals – Regress to Progress”

A brand new month – Motivation!

Sunday 1st November – A brand new month and time to kick some ass and stop the procrastination! This picture is my way to ensure I have a reminder of the goals I have set myself for the next 2 weeks: My time line My Goal, My Motivational photo Whilst it remains visual on myContinue reading “A brand new month – Motivation!”

Do you REALLY want it?

I WANTED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU; IT’S PART OF A RECENT POST I READ AND WORTHY OF THOUGHT…… # 9. IF YOU WANT THE BENEFITS OF SOMETHING IN LIFE, YOU HAVE TO ALSO WANT THE COSTS. Instead of thinking about what you want, first consider what you are willing to give up to getContinue reading “Do you REALLY want it?”