Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2

Challenger’s; click the link below to access the slides from Saturday 11th August Workshop 2, where we covered Macro Nutrients.  These are key to assisting you in getting a varied and balanced nutritional intake. Make the time and effect to access how you are nourishing your body, as this will have a big impact onContinue reading “Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2”

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas

What a crazy year; many challenges have been presented and many obstacles jumped. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you.  My clients, old and new for your incredible support throughout a year that has definitely presented much change and at times way too many challenges all at once! Continue reading “Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas”

Is tonight Party Night for YOU?

  Oh my!  Ok so this could be a serious reality check for many. These stats are based ONE can of Captain Morgan Rum & Cola… may want to hold that cab ride and just walk it off! Please note is will be a pretty similar for most other pre-mixed spirit and soda drinks. Serve sizeContinue reading “Is tonight Party Night for YOU?”

The wonders of Roasted Dandelion Root

Seriously I have got addicted to this stuff whilst on this trip here in sunny QLD.  There are indeed worse things to be addicted too for sure! Here’s just afew of it’s wonders:  Acts as a detox, liver cleanse, blood purifier Aids digestion and gallbladder health Acts as a diuretic It’s natural and non caffeinatedContinue reading “The wonders of Roasted Dandelion Root”

TVHB – chatroom!

I’d just like to extend a huge Thank you to TVHB (TV Hawkes Bay) for approaching me for an interview for their ‘Chatroom’ and to the delightful presenter Cheryl for making my visit today at TVHB so relaxing and enjoyable. If you’re able to access TVHB it be showing live this Friday 5th June andContinue reading “TVHB – chatroom!”