Super excited to be going to IDEA WORLD

In a bid to be able to provide my clients with the very best I possibly can, I will be heading to the States to attend the IDEA WORLD Fitness convention with 14,000 other fitness professionals.nutritional and mental aspects too. I will keep you posted on some of the Presenters that I have lined upContinue reading “Super excited to be going to IDEA WORLD”

Goals – Regress to Progress

  Regress to Progress and don’t give up on your goal!   (Health Warning: I am about to ramble!) So, you set yourself a goal and a deadline? Things start well? Then things don’t go to plan? You think; “you know what, this really is all too hard and why on earth did I setContinue reading “Goals – Regress to Progress”

A brand new month – Motivation!

Sunday 1st November – A brand new month and time to kick some ass and stop the procrastination! This picture is my way to ensure I have a reminder of the goals I have set myself for the next 2 weeks: My time line My Goal, My Motivational photo Whilst it remains visual on myContinue reading “A brand new month – Motivation!”