Time to ‘Kick Ass’

It seems like an age since I last blogged regarding Fasting, maybe because I haven’t been!  This post is less about Fasting today and more about giving myself a good kick up the backside…… I stopped fasting some time ago, as it seemed my blood pressure was dipping quite low and I was getting a few ‘starry’Continue reading “Time to ‘Kick Ass’”

FabFeb – Going ‘Dry’ and Sugar Free for Feb!

Whilst many of you will be ditching sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diets for the month of Feb (and longer I hope!)  see: fabfeb.org for more details. I have chosen to give up my beloved Wine for Feb and go ‘DRY’! The volume of sugar and simple carbs that I consume is so lowContinue reading “FabFeb – Going ‘Dry’ and Sugar Free for Feb!”

Fast re-commences after the Festive Season

Just a quick update; Fasting over the Festive Season become very out of sequence (no surprise I hear you say!).  It was very much about eating only when hungry for the greater part and interestingly I didn’t consume any nuts or seeds during the whole period, this I have continued as it did seem toContinue reading “Fast re-commences after the Festive Season”

Fast update for last 2 weeks Mon 24th Nov – Thurs 4th Dec

A slightly modified couple of weeks Fasting, which has shown a few small changes in the figures Monday 24th Nov – 24hr Fast Started the day with a 40min mixed weights session, followed by my usual cooked breakfast at around 9am. Late afternoon I then did an hour of yoga. Because I felt pretty hungryContinue reading “Fast update for last 2 weeks Mon 24th Nov – Thurs 4th Dec”

Fast Monday 17th & Thurs 20 – 24hr / 16hr

Monday 17th & Thursday 20th Nov. Started the day with an awesome Spartan 300 workout; haven’t done one of these for a long time, they’re fun! Full on weights session with a total of 300 moves. Total time to do it in 28mins. 9.15am Cooked breakfast of poached egg, small beef sausage, lentils, veg and homemadeContinue reading “Fast Monday 17th & Thurs 20 – 24hr / 16hr”

Changes required on the IF this week

I had to make some switches in the last 7 days; Sunday 9th – ended up a 24hr fast period after a huge social day on Sat. re-feed started with a 7.30pm lighter meal Sunday evening. Monday 10th – not a complete fast as per usual but heavily restricted and within 500cals through the day.Continue reading “Changes required on the IF this week”

IF with a greater focus on diet

Well, since my last post at the weekend I have implemented some changes to my diet this since I am taking on the challenge to reduce weight by 1.5kg and maintain muscle. What’s come out of the IF so far is the ability to slide through fast days easily and maintain an even weight. MovingContinue reading “IF with a greater focus on diet”