Workshop – Thursday 18th Feb 6.30pm

In this Workshop I’ll be taking you through the Gluten Free Ancient Grains – some nutritional background, preparation, tips for speeding up meals and snacks and then preparing some offerings for you to taste both sweet and savoury. In the mix I’ll also be making a paleo vegan bread, super quick to make and yummyContinue reading “Workshop – Thursday 18th Feb 6.30pm”

Kickin’ Good Green Smoothy!

Oh yah, this IS good!  I was in need of a quick pick me up this afternoon. Clients started at 6am, tucked in workout for myself before my morning double expresso then back for emails and study.  I’ve been a tad sluggish this week with the cold weather and generally needed some ‘time out’ fromContinue reading “Kickin’ Good Green Smoothy!”

Do you have sugar on your lips? 95 names below..

QLD, Australia is where it’s all happening this week!

If you live in or around Logan & Gold Coast; this is where it’s all happening this week! If you fancy tasting some yummy recipes from my book ‘Go Clean & Lean with Carie’ then check the venues for this week and come along taste, chat, ask questions and if you fancy buy a book andContinue reading “QLD, Australia is where it’s all happening this week!”