Bought Broccoli Chips – Healthy or not???

Well, the reality is they certainly should be, that is of course if you don’t buy them in a pack and you make them yourself!! The last 2-3 weeks here in SE QLD, I’ve spent a greater part of time in Organic Health Food Stores, doing tastings and book launches. Well…today this one caught myContinue reading “Bought Broccoli Chips – Healthy or not???”

The wonders of Seaweed – Karengo & Seed/Nut Snack

Yes, the deep the Ocean view looks far more appealing than my Kanengo & Seed Snack!  but this ugly dish packs amazing health benefits and taste great too. A profile high in protein and minerals.  Vitamins A, C, Niacin & folic acid as well as B12. At my local organic store recently I purchased aContinue reading “The wonders of Seaweed – Karengo & Seed/Nut Snack”

Stuffed raw veggies

Quick to create and no cooking! I used a combo of raw veggies as the carrier packed with flavoursome protein, nice and light for lunch/dinner but extremely filling too!   Another great lunchbox option. Choose your own filling but here’s what went into mine today. Filling: 1 x 200gm tin of Salmon (wild caught andContinue reading “Stuffed raw veggies”

Chicken and Avocado Salad Wrap

       Fresh, filling, quick to build and transportable!  Makes for an easy lunch option.  No bread in sight which is great if your wheat or gluten free and an easy way to add in extra veggies without feeling like your wading through a whole pile of veg, which of course you are! TheseContinue reading “Chicken and Avocado Salad Wrap”

Strawberry Protein Yoghurt with Chia Seeds

The New Year has started so it’s time to Clean things up!  Get rid of those flavoured yoghurts and ice-creams and make your own in minutes.  No added sugar or sweeteners required. Makes 1-2 serves 1/2 cup Natural Plain or Greek Yoghurt 1 scoop Vanilia or Plain Protein Powder (Find one that has as littleContinue reading “Strawberry Protein Yoghurt with Chia Seeds”

Take a preview at my book

Go Clean and L… By Carie Bolton Book Preview Click on the link above to preview and or order my new book. Stock of the soft cover version has already arrived in Queensland, Australia.  There are a few copies left there!  Stock is due any day now into NZ.  So, should you wish to order orContinue reading “Take a preview at my book”

Chocolate Log

This is utter decadence made from pure goodness! Your very own rich and healthy toblarone bar! Rich chocolate with a hint of coffee and a crunchy nutty texture. Perfect for so many occasions: pre or post workout, great swop for that afternoon chocolate fix, prefect to take along to a party as an after dinnerContinue reading “Chocolate Log”