Oat n’ Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Straight from the oven!  These are tasty, filling and quick to make as all the ingredients go into the food processor. They make a great breakfast on the go, filling snack or perfect for a pre or post workout.  Loaded with protein and a combination of quick and slow burning carbohydrates, natural sweetness from the fruit,Continue reading “Oat n’ Peanut Butter Protein Cookies”

Kickin’ Good Green Smoothy!

Oh yah, this IS good!  I was in need of a quick pick me up this afternoon. Clients started at 6am, tucked in workout for myself before my morning double expresso then back for emails and study.  I’ve been a tad sluggish this week with the cold weather and generally needed some ‘time out’ fromContinue reading “Kickin’ Good Green Smoothy!”

Protein Packed Strawberry Mousse

  Another great fast option for a protein packed dessert or add some oatbran / quinoa flakes and/or chia seeds and HELLO we have a brekkie! I just wanted to show that I don’t have any flash gear. Just a Stab blender with a few attachments…I used the bowl and the whisk here. Serving 2-3 (dependsContinue reading “Protein Packed Strawberry Mousse”

Superfast Protein Oat Pancake

Saturday evening and a sick man in the house who needs something comforting!  This pancake took me less than 8mins from bowl to serving plate!  Makes a great breakfast option too and also tastes great cold. Protein packed and easy to make; 2 eggs 2 tbsp of natural yoghurt 1 tsp each: ground flax, desiccated coconut,Continue reading “Superfast Protein Oat Pancake”

Buckwheat, Quinoa & Date Biscuits

Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free. So for those of you that saw my post the other day with similar looking biscuits, this is my revised recipe!  I’ve added quinoa and protein powder for an extra boost.  They are simple to create and taste super yum with no added sugars. Makes: 12 x 1tbsp size 2 cupContinue reading “Buckwheat, Quinoa & Date Biscuits”