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Brownie Time! (vegan friendly)

Look no further for an incredibly healthy Brownie. This recipe ticks so many boxes it's hard to believe but true; so even if you've given up chocolate for Lent - you are still good to go! 😉 Experience the awesome combination of Orange and Chocolate flavours but wait for it...there is NO: processed chocolate so… Continue reading Brownie Time! (vegan friendly)

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Snapshot from Kids Cooking Workshop

What a wonderful morning; getting hands on in this Kids Cooking Workshop. We made Veggie Wraps using raw Kale leaves, super thin egg omelete's, raw carrot, zucchini, spring onion, corriander, mint and some dressed shredded lettuce leaves... followed by; Some sweets treats, we used un-hulled Tahini and seeds to ensure they were nut free.  Packed… Continue reading Snapshot from Kids Cooking Workshop