Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2

Challenger’s; click the link below to access the slides from Saturday 11th August Workshop 2, where we covered Macro Nutrients.  These are key to assisting you in getting a varied and balanced nutritional intake. Make the time and effect to access how you are nourishing your body, as this will have a big impact onContinue reading “Club Pink Challenger’s Workshop 2”

A quick reminder to check the Label!

Today I was making a Chilli Con Carne and it struck that me perhaps the thought to check a label on such a product as Kidney Beans, would not come high on many people’s agenda. So here is a quick reminder why you should ALWAYS check the label and what to look for. Here isContinue reading “A quick reminder to check the Label!”

Do you have sugar on your lips? 95 names below..

Tips for Quitting Sugar

Firstly get into the habit of checking all food labels because sugar crops up in the most unsuspecting places, here are just a few examples: Flavoured Crisps and Chips (Corn/Potato/Rice/Cassava), Sauces, Baked Beans and other tinned products even vegetables and fruit, Cereals & Muesli, Deli Meats, anything flavoured including water, spice mixes, dried fruits (many have addedContinue reading “Tips for Quitting Sugar”