Bounty of Green Goodness!

Looking for a Vitality life? Look no further than this simple bowl of fresh and delicious powerhouse of greens! Kale really is a wonder food in itself offering excellent levels of: Vitamin A, K, C to name afew, great antioxidant and that’s before you’ve added the other yummy stuff!  Enjoy Into a bowl:  Handful of freshContinue reading “Bounty of Green Goodness!”

Spinach, mushroom & tofu flan

I made this yesterday and had some for breakkie this morning – super yum and kept me going for hours! This is a tasty and filling vegetarian option, great as a Breakfast, Lunch or Snack.  The crust is wheat & gluten free so will provide you with a another good alternative for a recipe that calls forContinue reading “Spinach, mushroom & tofu flan”

Clean Up Time! High protein required

So, the story goes something like this.  Some long days, throw in quite a lot of travelling and a little too many treats and a girl starts to feel a tad sluggish to say the least! I knew today was going to be another travel day, several hours sitting in the car.  Last night IContinue reading “Clean Up Time! High protein required”

Cooking Workshop 1 at Chantals Shop in Napier –

Here is a snap of the dishes created on Thursday evening 11th June at my Cooking Workshop, the focus was all about Ancient Grains & Legumes. A fantastic turnout, thank you so much and look forward to seeing you all again for the next Workshop on Thursday 30th July.  We’ll create sweet dishes in thisContinue reading “Cooking Workshop 1 at Chantals Shop in Napier –”

Homemade Baked Beans

Love Baked Beans but don’t want the added sugars and ‘stuff’ that goes into tinned Baked beans? then look no further.  I’d highly recommend that you make extra.  I had these with a simple mix of sautéed silverbeat, onions & garlic topped with a poached egg…very yum indeed. This recipe can be found on Pg. 68.Continue reading “Homemade Baked Beans”

Stuffed raw veggies

Quick to create and no cooking! I used a combo of raw veggies as the carrier packed with flavoursome protein, nice and light for lunch/dinner but extremely filling too!   Another great lunchbox option. Choose your own filling but here’s what went into mine today. Filling: 1 x 200gm tin of Salmon (wild caught andContinue reading “Stuffed raw veggies”