Keeping your Greens Fresh!

I just love my local veggie market on a Sunday; but there is always a tendancy to pile it high in your basket because it looks so yummy and fresh and then panic once your home as to how your going to keep it that way for afew days. So here is a really cheapContinue reading “Keeping your Greens Fresh!”

Time to ‘Kick Ass’

It seems like an age since I last blogged regarding Fasting, maybe because I haven’t been!  This post is less about Fasting today and more about giving myself a good kick up the backside…… I stopped fasting some time ago, as it seemed my blood pressure was dipping quite low and I was getting a few ‘starry’Continue reading “Time to ‘Kick Ass’”

Tofu Scramble with extra protein

Inspired by a new client that I am currently working with – thank you! This was really easy and made good use of the other half of the tofu from yesterday mornings breakfast. A simple vegetable scramble with added protein!  Super yum, light but really filling. 150gm Silken Tofu (Organic & Non GMO) 1 cupContinue reading “Tofu Scramble with extra protein”

Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens

Tonight I got in later than usual and just needed something quick, light but nourishing. So this is what I put into a saucepan and let it bubble away whilst I on and did other stuff! 1 cup Chicken Stock (see note below) 1 garlic clove – sliced 1 red chilli – sliced (optional) 2 handfuls ofContinue reading “Power it up! Chicken broth with Super Greens”