Simple but Effective Workout

So, if you saw last weeks mid-week Plateau Breaking Workout, then this week’s is another variation sure to get the heart rate pumping and the muscles screaming again! Equipment needed: Rowing machine Kettlebell or Dumbbell or Medicine Ball Aim: 5 rounds (start with 3 and build up to 5) Time to get going! Keep moving,Continue reading “Simple but Effective Workout”

Oh yah…thinking about those chocolates being offered around?

Serve size Energy per serve kj – 4.1 = 1 cal Cal Time to walk it off! Based on 75kg person walking at average pace – 5km/ph Serve size Sugar 100g – sugar – g 100gm Protein – g Sodium serve – mg 100g Sodium serve – mg 28gm = 3 586 143 28 15.6Continue reading “Oh yah…thinking about those chocolates being offered around?”

Upcoming Workshop – Tuesday 16th August  

Thank you!

Above is just a quick snapshot from Thursday evenings Workshop at Wray Organics in Cleveland.  Thank you so much to everyone that attended.  We covered so much….. from making my Vegan paleo bread, using chia seeds to replace eggs, some of the ancient grains, awareness around fructose sugars and looking at ways of reducing themContinue reading “Thank you!”

Market day haul! Reduce waste

Ok, so it’s market day and you’ve got your haul of fresh veggies That’s awesome! Biggest problem is things like ginger and chilli you only tend to use in smaller amounts so you don’t always get to use it

Thank you!

Thank you so much to eveyone that attended my Workshop last night – Thursday 17th March at Wray Organics in Cleveland.  Thanks also to Marion and Emma for being such wonderful support crew and allowing me to host this event. Here are few photo’s from the evening’s events: