Brownie Time! (vegan friendly)

Look no further for an incredibly healthy Brownie. This recipe ticks so many boxes it’s hard to believe but true; so even if you’ve given up chocolate for Lent – you are still good to go! ūüėČ Experience the awesome combination of Orange and Chocolate flavours but wait for it…there is NO: processed chocolate soContinue reading “Brownie Time! (vegan friendly)”

Snap shot from Tuesday evenings workshop

A big thank you to everyone that made the effort to come along on Tuesday evening to my Workshop ‘Light Lunch Ideas’, at Wray Organic’s in Cleveland. A fun filled night creating some different ideas for lunch box’s but also brekkie alternatives too! ¬†Not to mention; spreading some love with my ‘secret’ spiced-up love hearts…..Continue reading “Snap shot from Tuesday evenings workshop”

Sauté Broccolini, Cannellini

A quick saut√©ed combo to hit the taste buds and satisfy a hunger. Well balanced nutrition. Suggestions: Breakfast: great start to the day with a poached egg or too on top Mid morning/afternoon snack: created with the perfect balance of macros to keep you going Lunch: use as side to added protein of choice; topContinue reading “Saut√© Broccolini, Cannellini”

Upcoming Workshop – Tuesday 16th August  

Snapshot of kids holiday workshop fun

Great fun activities for the kids this last holiday. ¬†Team work with many hands making light work of some of the foods they created. Savoury Meat Muffins followed by yummy Zesty Apricot Balls. These particular workshops where held at¬† in Cleveland. ¬†Thank you so much to all the wonderful kids that attended the 3 WorkshopsContinue reading “Snapshot of kids holiday workshop fun”

Fight the Flu this season – the natural way!

This couldn’t be more topical! ¬†Today of all days I get delivered the Redland City Bulletin (first time in 5 months)!. But…. this is going to be a major discussion point when we look at the ingredients we’re using in tomorrow evenings Workshop at Wray Organics in Cleveland. So if this may be a “hotContinue reading “Fight the Flu this season – the natural way!”

Free Thursday? Book your seat!

Lots happening in this Workshop on Thursday evening. Including talking you through how I created the Chocolate and Orange Brownies you see! they are FREE from: eggs, dairy, nuts, flours and as per all food on the evening…everything is wheat and gluten free! Talking about foods to boost the immune system and plenty to tasteContinue reading “Free Thursday? Book your seat!”

Thank you!

Above is just a quick snapshot from Thursday evenings Workshop at Wray Organics in Cleveland. ¬†Thank you so much to everyone that attended. ¬†We covered so much….. from making my Vegan paleo bread, using chia seeds to replace eggs, some of the ancient grains, awareness around fructose sugars and looking at ways of reducing themContinue reading “Thank you!”