A little more what Clients have to say!

ACT – CISAC – Club Pink Member

August 2018

Engaging Carie as a food coach and trainer has been a life changing decision for me.  Within one week of working with her chronic arthritis in both my knees improved to the point where I could walk normally up and down stairs and within one month arthritic inflammation throughout my whole body had gone.  My posture has noticeably improved and I am fitter and stronger, both physically and mentally. The results of such success have flowed on to all aspects of my life.  I am amazed at what she has enabled me to achieve.

 I cannot speak highly enough of Carie’s  talent, dedication and professionalism.

Lea M.


11th July 2018         Training location: CISAC – ACT

During my past 6 months training with Carie I’ve realised no matter what level of fitness you have when you commence, she will turn you into a completely different person in no time. Initially I had so many post menopausal injuries I could no longer exercise aerobically. Carie analysed my movement patterns, patiently articulated instructions but most importantly gave me exercises to do in my own time. I now have a fully functioning body thanks to her. Carmel Lonsdale 53 yrs.
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I have trained with Carie for almost a year and in that time I have had amazing results not only physically but also mentally.

From day one Carie had my best interests at heart which lead me to achieving my goals on living a clean, active lifestyle. Seeing Carie on a regular basis really kept me motivated, she has so much skill and knowledge and is a real value to have in your life.    

My mum (70) was so inspired by seeing how much energy I had and how much I loved training, she decided on training with Carie also and the results I have seen in my mum are incredible!

I would recommend Carie to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. She is a great trainer, motivator, mentor and friend.

Jessica Harris; June 2017

Jess Mary Me

Mary Moore 70yrs June 2017 jpeg


‘ Thank you for pushing me every single session and showing me that I can achieve more physically than I ever thought possible and for always reminding me the importance of caring for myself so that I can be the best version of me 🙂 I have learnt so much and for that I am forever grateful xx’
Thank u so much and I hope everything goes well.

Mel D

 from Rae Robertson (age 73)

I have been a client of yours for some time now and am very happy to give my support to you as a Health and Fitness Coach via my membership of the YMCA at
Victoria Point – I have been a full time member for over 20 years.
You have been caring and mindful of all re age, ailments and injuries, with follow up and advice, not only with private training clients, but with all
gym members.
I, along with other members have been able to achieve best performance in class programmes mindful all the time of personal goals and ability. You
will be sorely missed by members and management as you move on to another area. Kind regards

Rae Robertson ( age 73 )

Received via email 17th May 2017

Christine Black Testimonal May 2017


I had a wonderful opportunity to have Carie Bolton as my Personal Trainer whilst a member of YMCA at Victoria Point, Queensland.

Carie has the ability to inspire and extend yourself to bring out the very best in you. She also encourages and makes the whole venture fun but still manages to gain wonderful improvements. Carie has a quality of character which embraces all aspects of commitment and confidence by her example.

It also gives me great pleasure to praise Carie in her capacity as an Instructor. Whilst as a pupil in her classes at the YMCA I was able to enjoy her wonderful sense of humour and energy as she inspired us all to greater heights in our endeavour to improve our strengths and energy levels.

Carie is an inspiration to whoever is lucky enough to have her for a trainer and teacher.

Yours sincerely,

Sandra Jones


From: Jill Wearne

I have been a client of Carie Bolton during the last several months in both group classes and one on one personal training sessions. She has been encouraging, enthusiastic, caring, and very professional. I have enjoyed working with her. She will be missed.
Jill Caldwell-Wearne

21 – 05 – 2017